Welspun group to hive off yarn-spinning business plan

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Succession Planning: Welspun Group to hive off yarn-spinning business for next generation 16 Dec,AM IST Mandawewala, the group managing director, is in the process of purchasing partner and chairman BK Goenka's stake in Welspun Syntex, they said. Welspun Group To Hive Off Yarn-Spinning Biz For Next Gen Exports Fall For 12th Straight Month, Down % In Nov LIC HFL To Acquire 19% Stake In LIC Nomura Mutual Fund AMC.

Welspun India Ltd, part of the $billion Welspun Group, is one of the world’s largest home textile manufacturers, with a distribution network in more than 50 countries.

Thirty years after it was founded, Welspun Group, the $3-billion textile-to-steel pipes conglomerate, is hiving off its yarn-spinning business, Welspun Syntex, which will be managed by co-founder.

Succession Planning: Welspun Group to hive off yarn-spinning business for next generation"This is an effort to create a separate roadmap for Abhishek," the spokesperson told ET. "It is a proactive action to realise that young people are coming with their own ambitions.

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