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Plan of Study

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This website is dedicated to providing information on the numerous Academic Programs, Employment Openings, and Research Opportunities available at QU. With over students, faculty members, and the countryâ s widest selection of programs and majors, weâ re proud to offer.

EELC has recently contributed to a study in cooperation with Germany and Poland, which analysed implementation and impact of EU policies and legal regulation influencing the protection and restoration of.

The electrical engineering major emphasizes the fundamentals of electrical engineering, hands-on learning, and flexibility in course selection to satisfy diverse career goals. Students choose one or more areas of study beginning in their pre-junior year.

Wolf Administration Announces $50 Million Investment to Improve Recreation, Community Revitalization across Pennsylvania; DCNR Names Three New Managers of State Parks in Pennsylvania.

EECS B.S. Sample Study Plans Most students are required to complete at least 12 units per semester and an average of 30 units per year. Exceptions can be made for student who are graduating, parents, employed, or registered with the Disabled Students' Program.

Electrical Engineering Degree Plans of Study; Electrical Engineering Degree Curriculum; Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Electrical and Computer Engineering; Major Degrees.

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Electrical Engineering Degree Program. General Information Guide to .

Ee study plan
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